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Revolutionary 8 Wheeled Armored Reconnaissance Platform

War Park 2023-09-24 20:00

SdKfz234 (commonly known as "Puma") was a key eight-wheeled armored reconnaissance platform used by the German army during the second World War. Using a revolutionary concept, the ever-improving weaponry is mounted on an adaptable hull to create a fast-moving, powerful weapon. However, the vehicle was lightly armoured and was produced in limited quantities, failing to make a significant impact in the ever changing doctrine of German panzer warfare - which by then had given more consideration to the effectiveness of assault guns and heavy tanks. Anyway, the "Puma"​​​ still continues to prove itself as a groundbreaking design that will influence the design of similar 8-wheeled military platforms for decades to come.

Early campaigns in Germany demonstrated the effectiveness of the SdKfz231 series of eight-wheeled loaders, but this series lacked the capability in off-road performance to keep up with the Blitzkrieg War. In addition, their engine temperatures were high, often causing the power unit to overheat, and the crew's armor protection was questionable at best. These early generation vehicles were also largely derived from commercial vehicles, which were built around civilian frames with added military components to the chassis as needed. In August 1940, the German authorities announced a plan for a new generation of eight-wheeled chariots, known as "8 Rad", to replace the Sdkfz231, SdKfz 232 and SdKfz-233 series vehicles. Work soon began on a logical successor, which would be SdKfz234.

Unlike previous German armored vehicles, SdKfz234 was designed to be a military vehicle from the start, more like a tank than an armored vehicle. It was produced in a single armored hull with no underlying frame, meaning military components will be attached directly to the hull itself. The main part of the hull is constructed from armor plates, while the side storage boxes and fenders are made from thin metal plates. The Tatra company of Czech Slovakia was responsible for developing the power unit needed for the new machine and responded with its 220-horsepower Tatra 12-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine. The quality of the air cooling is well adapted to most types of adverse weather conditions and there was no need for a fragile radiator system. Large internal fuel tanks ensure excellent range - no doubt given the vast open spaces of the African desert and what is about to become a battlefield in eastern Russia.

Like the Sdkfz231 before it, the SdKfz234 is equipped with eight rugged, independent wheels. A manual hexagonal turret with an open top was mounted on the front hull, with a sloped surface, providing 360 degrees of lateral movement and a certain elevation angle. The main weapon selected was conceived as a 20 mm (2 cm) KwK 38 cannon and a 7.92 mm MG42 all-purpose machine gun coaxially mounted. Approximately 250 shells with 20 mm ammunition were stored throughout the vehicle, and 2,400 rounds of 7.92 mm ammunition were used as back-up. This provided the SdKfz234 with "just enough" firepower to handle opposing infantry and light armoured vehicles. At its core, the SdKfz 234 is first and foremost a reconnaissance type vehicle - and entangling enemy tanks is not its strong suit, and its best defense remains its high speed.

The American Stryker loading car and the Russian BTR loading car are basically developed using the eight-wheel route of the German SdKfz234 in World War II.

This month War Park unveiled a camouflage painted Puma eight-wheeled heavy armored vehicle.

Movable: wheels / turrets, / tubes can rotate, and two hatch doors at the top of the turrets can be opened

Material: body large parts for resin, barrel and accessories for metal.

Original Chinese text follows:


战争公园 2023-09-24 20:00


德国早期的战役证明了SdKfz231系列八轮装甲车的有效性,尽管该系列车辆在越野性能方面缺乏足够的能力来跟上闪电战的步伐。此外,他们的发动机温度很高,经常导致动力装置过热,而机组人员的装甲保护充其量也是可疑的。这些早期一代的车辆也主要源于商用车,这些商用车围绕着民用车架制造,并根据需要在底盘上添加军事部件。1940年8月,德国当局公布了一项新一代8轮战车(被称为“8 Rad”)的计划,以取代Sdkfz231、SdKfz 232和SdKfz-233系列车。很快就开始了一个合乎逻辑的继任者的工作,这就是SdKfz234。

与以前的德国装甲车不同,SdKfz234从一开始就被设计成一辆军用车辆,与装甲车相比,它更像是一辆坦克。她将生产一个单体装甲船体,没有底层框架,这意味着军事部件将直接连接到船体本身。船体的主要部分由装甲板建造,而侧面的储物箱和挡泥板则由薄金属板制成。捷克斯洛伐克的Tatra公司负责开发新机器所需的动力装置,并以其220马力的Tatra 12缸风冷柴油发动机作为回应。风冷的质量很好地适应了大多数类型的恶劣天气条件,因为不需要脆弱的散热器系统。大型内部油箱确保了出色的续航里程——毫无疑问,考虑到非洲沙漠的广阔空地和俄罗斯东部即将成为战场的地方。

与之前的Sdkfz231一样,SdKfz 234配备了八个坚固的独立车轮。前船体上安装了一个顶部敞开的手动六面炮塔,带有倾斜的表面,提供360度的横向移动和一定的仰角。选定的主要武器设想是一门20毫米(2厘米)KwK 38加农炮和一门7.92毫米MG42通用机枪同轴安装。大约250枚20毫米弹药的炮弹被存放在整个车辆中,2400发7.92毫米弹药作为后备。这为SdKfz234提供了“刚好足够”的火力来处理步兵和轻型装甲车。SdKfz 234的核心首先是一辆具有侦察意识的车辆——与敌方坦克纠缠并不是它的强项,因为它最好的防御仍然是高速。




材   质:车身大件为树脂,炮管及配件为金属。

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