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The Elite of Street Fighting: Soviet Combat Engineers

War Park 2023-05-18 12:15

The Soviet assault Engineering Brigade (Russian), or Storm Engineering Brigade, is a reserve under the Red Army's Supreme Command and is known for its excellent performance during Second World War. The duties of these engineering units are to attack enemy distribution sites and break through enemy positions that have been reinforced. Assault engineering brigades are generally abbreviated as "ShISBr" (Russian), commonly known as "armored infantry" or "bronze wall infantry" (Russian).

In late 1941, in response to the German invasion, Stalin ordered the Red Army to create its own engineer brigade.​​ During the German invasion, the Soviet engineer brigades were tasked with building anti-tank obstacles, such as anti-tank cones and mines to stop the German tanks and infantry attack. Soviet engineers played a key role in building defensive lines during the defense of the cities of Moscow and Leningrad, and their efforts were crucial in preventing the Germans from conquering the two cities.

As the balance of victory in the war began to tilt towards the Soviet Red Army, the initiative in the battlefield for the Soviet Army shifted from defensive operations to offensive operations.​ Calls were made for growing a new type of engineering unit, the Soviet combat engineers. First formed in early 1943, the unit's tasks ranged from providing engineering support to participating in surprise operations against heavily fortified positions.​

In non-combat missions, engineers are used for de-mining tasks and bridge construction.

In addition to the special role of combat engineers, these units were distinguished by their better technical and tactical training than standard Red Army units.​ Since sappers are trained for highly dangerous missions, in addition to standard engineering training and endurance training, sappers spend a lot of time practicing hand-to-hand combat and grenade throwing.

Combat engineer units are equipped to meet their professional needs and are therefore better equipped. Combat engineers use Poposha submachine guns, light machine guns and sniper rifles.​In the assault mission, indispensable equipment hand grenades, including RPG-43 anti-tank grenades. When attacking heavily fortified fortresses or street battles, combat engineers use explosives and flamethrowers. With such well trained Corps of Engineers equipped with such effective firepower, they can effectively destroy the enemy's fortifications.

For their own safety, combat engineers are equipped with M40 helmets and SN42 steel anti-ballistic suits.​​​​The vest weighs 3.5 kg and is made of 2mm steel with an internal shock absorption lining. The vest proved very useful in close-range street fighting, protecting combat engineers from 9mm bullets and shrapnel from the MP40. But breastplates are a big liability in the field, especially when crawling. Body armor became the symbol of Soviet combat engineers.​​

From Kursk to Berlin, combat engineers proved their worth in many battles, especially when the common infantry units were weak in attack.

This month War Park launched 5 Soviet combat engineers + 2 Soviet snipers + 1 mannequin.


战争公园 2023-05-18 12:15

苏联突击工兵旅(俄语:Штурмовая инженерно-сапёрная бригада)或称风暴工兵旅是隶属于红军最高指挥部的预备队,因在第二次世界大战期间的出色表现而闻名。这些工兵部队的职责是突击敌军集散地以及突破已被强化防御的敌军阵地。突击工兵旅一般被缩写为“ShISBr” (俄语:ШИСБР),一般被称为“装甲步兵”或“铜墙铁壁步兵”(俄语:панцирная пехота)。









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