Sd.Kfz. 184 Elefant sPzJgAbt 653, Russia/Poland 1944

When first introduced onto the Eastern Front at the Battle of Kursk in 1943, the Elefant, like the animal it was named after, became bit of an endangered species! It was powerful but ponderous, able to kill tanks from long ranges, but unable to defend against infantry at close ranges. Some of its defensive shortcomings were later rectified by the addition of a bow machine gun, while its 8.8cm PaK43/2 L/71 gun remained as lethal as ever. Dragon Armor has released a new 1/35 scale Sd.Kfz. 184 Elefant, which is finished in the colors and markings of a vehicle serving with PzJgAbt 653, one of the original units that fielded this new type of tank destroyer at Kursk. The three-color camouflage scheme is highly attractive, with mottled green and brown patches over a yellow base.

As with the previous limited edition Elefant, this is a superb collectors’ piece. The unblemished paint scheme is realistically weathered to represent an Elefant fighting on the Eastern Front in 1944. The lifelike tracks have just the right degree of sag, while the hull machine gun is moveable. The long barrel (or should we say trunk?) of the Elefant also elevates and depresses. This fully assembled model bears a host of remarkable features, and with such a fine specimen as this, the survival of the Elefant species is assured!

61005 Elefant, 2./s.Pz.Abt.653, Poland 1944

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  • Item Number: 61005
    Scale: 1:35
    Barcode: 089195610058
    Release Date: June 2007

    Main Features:
    - True to 1/35 scale
    - Fully assembled
    - Accurate tracks with appropriate level of sag
    - Barrel can elevate and lower.
    - Includes a display base