54cm Morser "Thor" Gerat 041 Combat Mode

One of the most impressive artillery pieces ever produced must surely be the Gerat 040 series of self-propelled heavy siege mortars fielded by Germany in WWII. Weighing in at approximately 124 tons and with a length of 11.137m, these six massive war machines featured a 60cm barrel that could hurl a 2-ton shell a distance of 6.8km. To increase the weapon’s extremely short range, a 54cm gun barrel was subsequently manufactured and fitted to three of the Morser vehicles. Now designated Gerat 041, the longer 7.1m barrel of the weapon increased the range to 10.4km.

One of these 54cm siege mortars has been meticulously recreated in miniature by Dragon Armor. The 1/35 scale vehicle depicted in this release is named “Thor”, which was the fourth vehicle to be produced. Serving with the 2nd Batterie of the 833rd schwere Artillerie Abteilung on the Eastern Front, “Thor” was eventually captured by the Soviets near the war’s end. Fully assembled and pre-painted, “Thor” constitutes an impressive model thanks to its sheer size and bulk. This Dragon Armor item is full of intricate detail, and it is presented in firing mode with the chassis lowered. The three-color camouflage scheme is particularly well done, lending the model a commanding presence. As a special bonus, a huge shell is included. This “god of thunder” bespeaks massive destructive power, and it’s ready for immediate display on any shelf big enough to take it!

61013 54cm Morser "Thor" Gerat 041 Combat Mode

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  • Item Number: 61013
    Scale: 1:35
    Barcode: 089195610133
    Release Date: September 2008

    - Fully assembled
    - True to 1/35 scale
    - Fully accurate mold
    - Open window display packaging
    - Highly popular and collectible item
    - Includes protective display case