Panther G Late Production, Unidentified Unit, Balaton 1945

Operation Fruhlingserwachen (Spring Awakening) was the final major German offensive of WWII. On March 6, 1945 Germany launched attacks near Lake Balaton in Hungary in a desperate attempt to recapture Budapest and defend the Third Reich’s final oil reserves. Despite impressive initial gains, it was an overly ambitious plan that soon ground to a halt. When the Soviets counterattacked on 16 March, they forced German forces back to their original start-line within 24 hours. Dragon Armor’s latest 1/35 scale fully assembled model depicts a Panther Ausf.G Late Production variant from an unidentified unit that took part in the Lake Balaton Offensive.

This is the very first Panther G in the coveted 1/35 Dragon Armor series, and it lives up to the extremely high standards set by previous releases. Model builders will know the contemporary benchmark set by Dragon’s 1/35 scale plastic kit Panthers, and this Dragon Armor Panther shares the same quality of molding and finesse. The sleek form of this prowling Panther encapsulates the lines of the real vehicle, and all accessories such as on-vehicle tools are correctly stowed in place. The astounding craftsmanship of this model is exemplified in the three-color paint finish, which consists of a unique combination of spots and stripes. This Panther is the perfect feline companion for Dragon Armor’s Tiger, Kingtiger, Elefant and 60cm Morser, and it’s bound to have collectors purring with contentment!

61025 Panther G Late Production, Unidentified Unit

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  • Item Number: 61025
    Scale: 1:35
    Barcode: 089195610256
    Release Date: February 2008

    - Open window display packaging
    - Highly popular and collectible item
    - True to 1/35 scale
    - Fully accurate mold
    - Fully assembled
    - Includes protective display case