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An Infantry Nightmare of Steel and Fire: Flammpanzer III

War Park 2023-05-17 11:01

Germany was one of the first countries to produce flamethrower tanks in World War II. These tanks are the ultimate anti-infantry weapon. Their tank guns were replaced with high-powered flamethrowers, leaving anyone on the receiving end of the weapon feeling raw fear.

The fierce street fighting at Stalingrad in 1942 made the Germans on the Eastern Front in need of a flamethrower to clear ramparts and buildings of enemy soldiers, the Flammpanzer III came into being.​​​ The Flammpanzer III was based on the Model III M, which was replaced with a 14 mm spitfire tube and a false barrel. A 7.92 mm MG34 coaxial machine gun in the turret was retained. As the flamethrower was mounted on the turret, the Flammpanzer III had a 360-degree steering capability, a pitch range of -10 to + 20 degrees, and an observation port at the front of the commander's tower provided a field of view. The two fuel tanks inside the vehicle can hold a total of 1020 liters of injected fuel, enough for 125 short one-second injections or 80 long three-second injections.

The Flammpanzer III had a maximum spray distance of 60 m (50 m in cold spray), a jet force of 15 to 17 atmospheres, powered by a Koebe pump, and a jet rate of 7.8 l / s. The Kebe pump is powered by a two-stroke, 28-horsepower ZW-1101 engine that consumes a mixture of fuel. The fire blaster uses an electronic ignition device called Smitskerzen.

This month War Park introduced the German Grey III Flammpanzer tank.

The Flammpanzer III can be pushed in the tracks + turret with three doors open.

Chassis + track + barrel + fittings are metal parts, and the rest of the body is resin parts, adding a detachable flame effect.​

Original Chinese text follows.


战争公园 2023-05-17 11:01




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