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The People's Car - Volkswagen's Hot and Crisp Pedigree

Original War Park War Park 2023-06-19 20:18

Hitler didn't know much about the technical details of cars, and he didn't know how to drive, but he had a passion for them. In 1933, the Führer met with Ferdinand Porsche to discuss the development of a basic car that could carry two adults and three children at a speed of 100 km/h, and it should not exceed 1,000 reichsmark (the average weekly wage then was about 32 reichsmark, about seven to eight months' salary).

Under the strong support of the head of state, Volkswagen came into being, Volks means the people, Wagen means the car, and "Volkswagen" literally means "the people's car." The earliest Volkswagen logo, the innermost is composed of the initials Volks-Wagen VW, the middle is a symbol of the worker's gear, the outermost is what looks like a swirling spiral. Its pure spicy and crisp pedigree is self-evident.

As expected, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche officially launched three Beetle cars on October 12, 1936. In 1938, the Beetle was exhibited at the Berlin Motor Show and became a highly anticipated presence. But with the outbreak of World War II, the Volkswagen factory soon switched from civilian production to military production.

Dr. Ferdinand Porsche made a great simplification on the base of the Beetle, creating the famous Type 82 of German cars. The Type 82 car, named Kübelwagen in German, referred to German light military vehicles that do not have doors and are equipped with bucket seats to prevent passengers from falling. Kübel is translated as bucket, and so it is named bucket car. Even though doors were finally added to the Type 82, it still retained the same name.

The compact design of the Type 82 car's rear-wheel drive and rear-engine layout reduces complexity on the driveshaft. The air-cooled engine eliminates the need for water radiator tank. Without affecting the overall structure, the chassis was raised by 50 mm to ensure good cross-country capability, the doors were turned from thin steel plates, the steering wheel inside the car was relatively large, and the instrument panel is is clear. Due to the minimalist structure, it not only further reduces the working hours to manufacture and the cost, but also improves the reliability and ease of maintenance. The German Army was so pleased with them that 50,435 were produced throughout World War II. After the end of World War II, the British Army also asked the Volkswagen factory to continue to produce 2,490 of them.

The Type 82 car was very important to the German Army, it undertook the task of reconnaissance vehicles in the German Army. At the same time, the fender of the Type 82 can also be used to store shovels, and oil drums can be placed on the fender. The co-pilot and the rear seat of the car are usually fitted with a steel pipe bracket and equipped with a MG34 / 42 general purpose machine gun, converting this into an assault vehicle.

This month War Park launched three German Type 82 cars. The wheels can be turned, the soldier figures can be removed, and it comes equipped with two kinds of tops (open and closed) and a spare wheel.

Original Chinese text on Weibo below.


Original 战争公园 战争公园 2023-06-19 20:18


在元首的大力支持下,大众汽车(Volkswagen)应运而生,Volks为人民之意,Wagen为汽车之意,“大众汽车”直译即为“人民的汽车” 。最早的大众标志,最里面是Volks-Wagen的首字母VW组成,中间是象征着工人的齿轮,最外层是看起来像万字的旋转螺旋。其纯正的辣脆血统不言而喻。





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