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How did the German sniper team function in World War II?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Adapted from War Park Weibo 2022-04-17 11:18

It can be said that Germany was a modern sniper’s Garden of Eden. Shortly after digging the first trench during World War I, the Germans put hunting rifles with optical scope into use, bringing hell to Allied soldiers.

Snipers are what military strategists call power multipliers. Simply put, the power multiplier is a small team that can cause greater damage by using special tactics. The amazing thing about snipers is that they can multiply their strength without directly fighting the enemy.

Before pulling the trigger, the sniper needs to consider countless variables - wind speed, wind direction, range, target movement, mirage, light source, temperature, air pressure, and this is only the beginning. Finding a good shooting position takes a lot of work. That's why snipers always work in pairs.

The sniper team usually consists of a sniper and an observer. Observers carry special scopes, which are more powerful than the scopes on sniper rifles, helping snipers observe targets and helping to guide the shooting. Although the sniper rifle only needs one person to fire, it actually takes two soldiers to make good use of the weapon system of the sniper rifle.

The sniper team works together to reach the destination safely and cautiously, and then set up positions. The general process is as follows:

  • Use maps or photos to determine the best trails to reach the target;

  • Look for the best shooting position in terms of angle and camouflage;

  • Plan an escape route and a second well-disguised reserve position;

  • Observers measure range, read wind speed, wind direction and angle, and adjust other variables that may affect shooting;

  • The sniper pulls the trigger to shoot the target.

On the battlefield, the sniper's main task has little to do with just pulling the trigger. German snipers have a motto "ten hidden times, one shot", which is mainly about reconnaissance. Because as well-trained soldiers, snipers need to be good at concealment, camouflage, infiltration and reconnaissance, in addition to long-range shooting targets. They need to sneak into the enemy's rear and provide the headquarters with information about the enemy's activities, strength and location.

During the observation mission, the team of two can take turns using telescopes to monitor the enemy. This helps to avoid eye fatigue and allows a team member to rest while other is watching. This is important, because in many cases, they need to observe the enemy for a long time.

Whenever the mission requires, snipers can also shoot with the appropriate rifle to destroy the enemy and discourage them. Instead of fighting the whole enemy like traditional infantry, snipers focus on hunting key figures - officers, pilots, armoured soldiers, truck drivers, technicians and communication operators. Snipers can destroy the enemy's will and combat ability by firing fatal fire without warning. Snipers are not only shooting personnel targets, but also often ordered to destroy material targets, such as generators, radios, transmitters, fuel and water sources.

Four German camouflage snipers are launched by War Park this April 2022.


战争公园 战争公园 2022-04-17 11:18






  • 使用地图或照片来确定到达目标地的最佳路线;

  • 寻找角度和伪装最佳的射击位置;

  • 规划一条逃生路线和第二个伪装良好的后备位置;

  • 观察员测距、读取风速风向和角度,并针对可能影响射击的其他变量进行调整;

  • 狙击手扣动扳机射击目标。





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