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The Iron Horse of the Blitz - German Military Heavy Motorcycle With Sidecar

War Park Weibo 2022-10-16 20:08 Posted in Shanghai

During World War II, the German army were equipped with tens of thousands of military motorcycles. From the European Front, the North African Front, to the Eastern Front, we encounter a large number of German military motorcycles being equipped. Military motorcycles played a key role at that time. Motorcycles are small in size, light weight, fast in speed, good road adaptability, excellent cross-country ability and were relatively easy to store and conceal, and the side car can also carry a weapon, etc. Therefore, it was very suitable for reconnaissance and communication role, and those equipped with weapons can also be used to charge in the front. The German heavy sidecar motorcycles are usually equipped with an MG 34 machine gun, a spare tire, a reserve barrel and a pump, jack and vehicle tools.

The BMW R75 is the most famous motorcycle in the series. Produced from 1940 to 1944, this motorcycle has a displacement of 0.746 liters, a 26 hp two-cylinder air-cooled engine, a four-speed (with reverse) gearbox and a maximum speed of 95 km/h. The front wheel has a mechanical brake while the rear wheel has a hydraulic assist brake and the suspension is telescopic sleeve fork. Sometimes, a weapon such as an MG 34 machine gun is mounted in front of the sidecar and sometimes, simply a field mortar mounted on the side car. This vehicle saw it being at least 16,000 units being equipped in the German army and it was a favorite among their officers and soldiers, especially with its good reliability in the harsh conditions of the North African Front and the Eastern Front.

In addition, the German motorcycle crew are also equipped with special goggles and windbreaker. The kind of windbreaker, in addition being made of waterproof fabric materials, has a windbreaker hem that can be buttoned on the legs to form like a closed "jumpsuit", very suitable in muddy environments and in rainy weather, thus ensuring the comfort of motorcycle riders.

Most of the military motorcycles equipped by the German Army uses German gray paint. The Air Force is black and gray, the African Corps is sand yellow. When used on the front line, the officers and soldiers may also adapt and paint their own camouflage as needed, and the unit's logo is usually painted in front of the sidecar.

This month War Park launched three German military motorcycles with sidecars.

KU103 German R75 Motorbike with Sidecar A at rest

KU104 German R75 Motorbike with Sidecar B 3 Riders

KU105 War Park KU105 German R75 Motorbike with Sidecar C 2 Officers

Original Chinese text on Weibo as below.


战争公园 2022-10-16 20:08 Posted on 上海


宝马系列摩托车中,以宝马R75最为著名。该车从1940年一直生产到1944年,排量0.746升,采用26马力双缸风冷发动机,四速(带倒档)变速箱,最大速度可达95千米/小时。前轮为机械刹车,后轮为液压助力刹车,悬挂为伸缩套筒式前叉。武器有时是1挺MG 34机枪(安装在挎斗前方),有时则干脆是在挎斗上搭载1门野战迫击炮。该车在德军中装备有16000辆之多,它在条件恶劣的北非战场和东线战场上以良好的可靠性博得了官兵的喜爱。




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