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So, which country has the best tank riding skill? Dec 2021 New Releases - War Park Tank Riders

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

War Park 2021-12-06 12:50

Adapted from War Park Chinese Weibo News Release:

So, which country has the best tank riding skill?

During World War II, the German army greatly promoted the concept of total combat, integrating infantry, tank, artillery, aircraft into joint offensive units. This three-dimensional attack allowed the Germans to complete many lightning-fast battles in the early days of the war. The foreign journalists created a new term from what they saw, calling this the Blitz.

Throughout World War II, however, the German Army was able to mechanize only a small number of elite units, some of which were motorized. Faced with a total of about 13.6 million personnel in the German army, their factories produced only 16,000 SdKhz 251 semi-track armored vehicles, 70,000 Opel Blitz trucks. Thus their infantry maintained a high road march rate throughout the war, and much of their logistics still rely on horses.

It has to be well known here that infantry has another type of mobility and military model enthusiasts enjoy re-enacting - tank riding. But in real combat tank riding is very dangerous, the high profile of the tank makes it easy to attract enemy fire, the infantry on the tank is vulnerable to machine guns and high-explosive shells attack. At the same time tanks encounter unexpected situations, firing or releasing smoke bombs can cause damage to the infantry riders. So it is often nicknamed as the outer armor of human flesh.

Above: Stug 3 with about 27 infantrymen on board.

For German infantry, there are not many opportunities to ride tanks. Most of the time it's a "ride" and getting off at certain distance from the battlefield and then moving on foot into the combat zone.

Above: Paratroopers taking a ride on the Tiger tank.

Later stages of the war, the beaten Germans formed temporary battle groups, mixing soldiers and tanks. In addition to the fighting, soldiers will ride on the entire tank.

The U.S. and British tanks have large and flat spaces, and infantry will ride tanks to their destinations. But it is still limited in carrying infantry to combat sites.

Unlike other countries, the Soviet Red Army used infantry-riding tank assault tactics. As the Soviet slope armor is not easy to stand, Soviet tanks are welded with hand and hooks that are easy for infantry to hold on to. These infantrymen on tank assaults train regularly with tank crews to familiarize themselves with the tanks so that they can fire on the move.

This month War Park launched the German Defence Force's nine-man tank riders and striped camouflage Grey Tiger tanks.

KU081-KU089 9 German Wehrmacht tank riders comprising a total of 2 MG34 machine guns, 2 MP40 submachine guns and 5 98k riflemen.

Original Chinese text on War Park Weibo follows:

坦克骑乘技术哪家强? 战争公园十二月新品

战争公园 2021-12-06 12:50










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