1. Wheels, axles and railings are made of metal. Others are made of resin.

2. The wheels are movable and turn at a small angle.

3. Flatcars are sold separately without rails.  The railway track needs to purchased separately under Scenic Base WS033.

4. The length of flatcar is 440mm. The length of Scenic Base WS033 is 300mm.

So one flatcar need two WS033s & two flatcar need three WS033s.

5. The gauge can be matched with FM (Figarti Miniatures).

The rails of other brands have not been tested, so it is impossible to ensure that they can be matched together.


Pictures showing Tiger and Scenic Base are for illustration purpose only.

One flatcar with two Scenic Base WS033s

War Park AX014 German Railway SSyms 6 Axle 80t Flatcar

SKU: AX014