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Xuan Hua XHPZ111 Winter Panzer III

Xuan Hua XHPZ111 Winter Panzer III


- Metal Tracks

- Metal Barrel


Ready for pre-order, expected delivery in November 2023.


Details Description:

Based on the experience, Xuan Hua had during their development and productization of the "XHPZ510", they progressed forward to develop all-metal tracks for this next generation of products.  They were very successful and the letters and details on the tracks were just as refined and not reduced at all.  They also used a lot of metal parts in many places, such as metal door handles, light fixtures, etc.  They added more weight to the next generation products without losing any fine details.


What is the difference between "XHPZ510" and "XHPZ111"?

Firstly, Xuan Hua wish to congratulate the collector who ordered the "XHPZ510".  You are lucky that this is their first self-developed and very detailed tank. Although it has no metal parts, but the manual labor value to manufacture one is very high.  For the tracks of 510, this tank has a total of 230 tracks, and this was hand assembled for two and a half months and the production cycle is very long.  They had to improve on this mode of production.  So, starting with the next tank product, they will use all-metal tracks. This will greatly shorten the production cycle. For the 510 tank, Xuan Hua had all the tank covers retractable, this is our first time as a tank, and so, to the first wave of buyers feedback, thank you for your trust.  Starting with the next tank, from the previous 9 retractable covers, they will offer for the normal version 4-5 retractable covers.   For the “ss” version, we will offer all retractable covers.  The "ss" version will be offered with internal details.

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