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Demon Knights – Florian Geyer's Waffen SS Cavalry Division

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

War Park 2021-09-28 15:58

Adapted from War Park Chinese Weibo News Release:

“Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer Haufen, heia hoho, und wollen mit Tyrannen raufen, heia hoho.”

The 8th SS Cavalry Division “Florian Geyer” was a German Waffen SS calvary division during World War 2. It was named after Florian Geyer (1490–1525) who was a Franconian nobleman and legendary leader who led the Black Company during the German Peasants War of 1524-1525. (For Chinese, in order to better comprehend, it can perhaps be compared to "Chen Sheng Wuguang Infantry Division" or "Hong Xiuquan Cavalry Division”.)

In February 1943, Field Marshal Model commanded Operation Büffel to withdraw the German troops on the Eastern Front on a large scale from the "Lezhev Meat Grinder". The 8th Cavalry Division of the SS, with other units, carried out "clearance operations" in the Lezhev area, to limit the possibility of guerrilla activities in the rear of the line and allowed operations of "Büffel" to proceed smoothly.

At the Battle of Kursk, due to the tight resources in the southern part of the eastern front, the division was transferred to the Dnieper region to reinforce the German retreat. In October 1943, the division was transferred to Hungary, during which time after, it was transferred to Croatia. In April 1944, due to the crisis in the western Ukraine region in the southern part of the eastern front, the division was transferred back to Hungary to participate in the defensive operations of the Transylvania region of Romania.

During the Siege of Budapest in December 1944, the 8th SS Cavalry Division was ordered to defend Budapest. Being completely surrounded by Soviet and Romanian forces, the division was completely destroyed during the siege. Its last commander, Rumohr, committed suicide with a gun, and only a few hundred of their men broke through the siege and returned to the German lines.

For the month of Sept 2021, War Park releases six autumn-winter camouflage miniatures of this SS cavalry.

Original Chinese Weibo text follows:


战争公园2021-09-28 15:58




8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer——武装党卫军第八“佛洛里安·盖耶”骑兵师,该部队拥有一个一眼就知道其所崇尚精神的称号——“佛洛里安·盖耶”。“佛洛里安·盖耶”为1524至1525年德国农民战争的一位传奇性的领袖和骑士。便于理解,可以理解为“陈胜吴广步兵师”或者“洪秀全骑兵师”。






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