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German Army's Strongest 8 wheeled armoured vehicle code name "Puma"

War Park 2023-08-22 12:20

The SdKfz 234 / 2, often referred to as the "Puma", was a famous variant of the SdKfz 234 series of armored vehicles used by the German Army during World War II. It was specifically designed for reconnaissance and combat purposes and is highly regarded for its outstanding performance on the battlefield.  The Puma has the most firepower of all German armored vehicles, and its off-road performance is excellent, which makes the car a daunting combat vehicle.

The Puma is equipped with a powerful 50mm KwK. L / 60 gun​. This gives it great firepower against armor and soft targets.​​​ ​​At the same time, a MG 34 coaxial machine gun was supplemented to increase the vehicle's versatility and anti-infantry capabilities.​Another notable feature of the Puma is its fully enclosed turret, which provides excellent protection for the crew. The turret can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing the gunner to quickly attack the target from any direction.​ In addition, the vehicle has a relatively low profile and sloped armor, enhancing its defense capabilities.

Thanks to its advanced suspension system and powerful engine, the Puma is very agile and has impressive maneuverability over a variety of terrains.  Its maximum speed on the highway is about 90 km/h, and its cross-country performance is very good, making it suitable for reconnaissance missions that require speed and maneuverability. In terms of reconnaissance capabilities, the Puma is equipped with advanced optics, including periscopes, telescopic sights and distance measuring instruments, which enables the crew to effectively observe and assess the battlefield.  It also has a radio communication systems that enables it to relay critical information to the command center.

The Puma's combination of speed, firepower and reconnaissance capabilities makes it a powerful asset to the German army during World War II. Throughout the war it played an important role in gathering intelligence, engaging enemy forces and supporting German panzers on all fronts.

This month, War Park unveiled the snow-painted Puma eight-wheeled heavy armored vehicle.


Movable: wheels / turrets, / tubes can rotate, and two hatch doors at the top of the turrets can be opened

Material: body and large parts in resin, barrel and accessories in metal.

Original Chinese text on WeChat follows


战争公园 战争公园 2023-08-22 12:20

SdKfz 234/2,通常被称为“美洲狮”,是二战期间德国军队使用的SdKfz 234系列装甲车的著名变种。它是专门为侦察和战斗目的而设计的,并因其在战场上的出色表现而受到高度评价。该车是所有德国装甲车中火力最强的,同时该车的越野性能极佳,这一切使得该车成为一种令人生畏的战车。

 美洲狮装备了强大的50mm KwK. L/60火炮,这为它提供了对抗装甲和软目标的强大火力。同时还有一挺MG 34同轴机枪补充,增加了车辆的多功能性和反步兵能力。美洲狮的另一个显著特点是它的全封闭炮塔,为乘员提供了极好的保护。炮塔可以360度旋转,允许炮手从任何方向快速攻击目标。此外,车辆拥有相对较低的轮廓和倾斜的装甲,增强了它的防御能力。



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