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The Knight Squire of the Tiger - Panzer III N

War Park 2023-03-16 12:08

The Panzer III was the main battle tank of the German army. However, when it first encountered the KV-1 heavy tank and T-34 medium tank, it proved to be inferior in terms of armour and armament power. To meet the growing demand against these tanks, the Panzer III adopted a longer, more powerful 50 mm (1.97 in) gun and received thicker armor, but remained at a disadvantage compared to Soviet tank designs.

In the autumn of 1942, new tanks began to replace the older German panzers. There came a new generation of tanks, the first being the Tiger, followed by the Panther, which is closer to the modern idea of a perfect "main battle tank." With this in mind, the Panzer III was considered obsolete, at least in anti-tank terms. However, Daimler-Benz still found ways to improve its battle-hardened older tanks.

The N was the final production version of the Panzer III series and the only version equipped with the 7.5 cm KwK L / 24 gun. It was used in early versions of the Fourth Loader (from the Ausf A to the Usf F1), firing high-explosive shells for anti-infantry and anti-fortifications. At the same time, a deep wading exhaust device was installed at the rear of the tank to enhance the ability to cross the river.

 When first fielded, the Panzer III N was assigned to the new heavy tank company to provide close support to the Tigers (as shown above, a Tiger company would be equipped with a light platoon of five Panzer III N's).

This month War Park introduces the German Grey Panzer III Type N with nine soldiers.

Panzer III Type N track can be pushed and it's turret doors can be opened.

Chassis + crawler + gun tube + accessories are metal parts, and the rest of the body is resin parts.

Spare wheels and canvas were added to the front, and a detachable anti-aircraft identification flag was added.

Original Chinese text on Weibo below.


战争公园 2023-03-16 12:08 Posted on 北京

       三号坦克原本是德国军队的主要作战坦克。然而,当它最初遇到KV-1重型坦克和T-34中型坦克时,事实证明它在装甲和火炮威力方面都处于劣势。为了满足对抗这些坦克日益增长的需求,三号坦克采用了更长、更强大的50毫米(1.97英寸)火炮,并获得了更多的装甲,但与苏联的坦克设计相比仍然处于劣势。       1942年秋天,新的坦克开始全面装备德国装甲部队。这是新一代坦克,第一代是“虎式”,紧随其后的是“豹式”,更接近于完美的“主战坦克”的现代理念。考虑到这一点,三号坦克被认为是过时的,至少在反坦克方面是这样。然而,戴姆勒-奔驰仍然找到了改进久经沙场的老式坦克的方法。       N型是三号坦克系列的最终生产版本,也是唯一配备7.5厘米KwK L/24火炮的版本。该炮曾用于早期版本的第四装甲车(从Ausf A到Ausf F1),发射的高爆弹,用于反步兵和反工事。同时坦克尾部还安装了一个深涉水排气装置,用于增强渡河能力。       当第一次装备时,三号坦克N型被分配给新的重型坦克连,为虎式坦克提供近距离支援(如上图所示,一个虎式坦克连会配备一个拥有5台三号坦克N型的轻型排)。





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