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The Third Reich's Mule and Horse - The Opel Blitz Truck

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Adapted from War Park Weibo 2022-03-15 12:00

At the end of World War I, Germany's war machine was dismantled - incapacitating its ability to make planes, tanks, submarines and other weapons of war. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the German nation felt strongly the humiliation placed upon by the victors. And soon enough, Germany's military strength exceeded the limits placed upon by the Treaty of Versailles.

With the strengthening of the German army, the need to be able to quickly transport personnel, weapons and goods to designated locations became a necessity, resulting in a key need for a sound logistics force. At the end of the 1930s, Germany had some vehicles in its military inventory, but there was no general solution for purpose of war.

At this time, Opel AG provided a medium-sized multifunctional truck design called "Blitz". Opel Lightning is designed as a traditional system with six wheels (four wheels on the rear axle + two wheels on the front axle), a front engine compartment, the cab directly located in the rear, and a rear cargo/passenger area. The rear area is equipped with hinged baffles on all three sides to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods.

In addition to its standard mode of providing transportation, the 4x2 chassis of Opel Lightning will evolve into countless useful battlefield variations. This vehicle can be used to transport supplies, ammunition, medical supplies, combat troops, ordinary passengers, shells, fuel depots, laundry, mobile field stores, mobile guns, etc. In addition, trucks can also be transformed into other military forms, such as radio stations, command posts and mobile offices of senior officials.

There was a great demand for Opel lightning trucks, especially as the war intensifies. Production began in 1937 and lasted until 1944, with about 70,000 4x2 Opel lightning trucks produced. It is also reported that the total output of Opel lightning trucks hovers between 82,000 to 130,000.

The Opel Lightning Truck is powered by a 6-cylinder gasoline engine with a power of more than 75 horsepower, which has proven to be quite reliable. The maximum driving speed is about 80 kilometres per hour and the maximum driving mileage is 410 kilometres. Well tested on battlefield, the Opel Lightning Truck has shown the advantages of easy operation and maintenance.

It is not common for Opel trucks to be armed, but in some cases, it has proven necessary. In these cases, trucks can defend themselves by installing anti-aircraft guns to prevent air strikes and against soldiers, vehicles and other light armoured units.

This month, the War Park launches the German Grey Opel Blitz Truck.

Material: The main body is made of resin, and some accessories are metal.

Moveable: The wheels are movable and the three baffles in the rear area can be lowered.

Accessories: one flag + two benches

Note: Included driver cannot be removed.

Original Chinese Weibo release in Chinese below

帝国的骡马-欧宝闪电卡车(Opel Blitz)

战争公园 战争公园 2022-03-15 12:00



这时欧宝公司(Opel AG)提供了一种被称为“闪电”(Blitz)的中型多功能卡车。欧宝闪电的设计是一个传统的系统,安装了六个车轮(后轴四个车轮+前轴两个车轮),一个前置发动机舱,驾驶室直接位于后部,以及一个后置货物/乘客区。后置区三面都装有铰链式挡板,便于装卸货物。










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