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German Heavy Weapon - Pak43 88mm Heavy Anti-Tank Gun

War Park 2023-02-07 14:32

The German Pak43 is an 88mm heavy anti-tank gun developed by Krupp based on Rheinmetall's 88mm Flak41, and was used during the Second World War. The Pak43 was the most numerous and powerful anti-tank gun in service with the Wehrmacht, and served as the main gun for the King Tiger, Elefant tank destroyer, Jagdpanther tank destroyer, and Rhino self-propelled anti-tank gun.

The Pak43 heavy anti-tank gun was improved with a semi-automatic vertical recoil mechanism that greatly reduced recoil. The trajectory is very flat, so there is less need to correct the elevation angle, which makes it easier for the gunner to hit the target at longer distances. Maximum range is over 15 km. The gun was so penetrating that it could penetrate all Allied tanks at a distance of 1,000 yards. Even the thickest armored Allied tanks of the Second World War, the IS series tanks and tank destroyers, were very vulnerable to the Pak43.

The left side of the image above is the Tiger 88mm shell, the right side is the Pak43 88mm shells, you can see that the black warheads above are 88mm in diameter, and the lower cartridge bears a huge difference. So the Pak43 can fire 88 mm shells at higher speeds, When firing a 10.4kg armor-piercing round, the muzzle velocity of 1000 m/s, enables it to penetrate a 202mm thick armor plate at a distance of 100m, and at a distance of 2000m, it still has a penetration depth of 132 mm, which means it can destroy the T34 at a distance of 2000m.

Despite its prowess, the Pak 43 proved heavy and unwieldy in the mud and snow of the Eastern Front. The barrel weight was 2.2 tons, With a transport weight of 4.75 tons, the Pak43 was extremely unsuitable for maneuvering, especially in the deep snow and mud of the Russian front, and as a result, the Pak43 was often discarded in large numbers during the German retreat, with the gunners referring to the huge Pak43 as "Scheunetor."

However, the Pak43 anti-tank gun was well suited for defensive operations, so the Germans were equipped with a large number of Pak43s for the coastal defense in Normandy and the Western front. It would have been a nightmare if the Sherman tank column had entered a battlefield opposite a Pak43 anti-tank gun.

This month the War Park introduced the Winter Pak43 88mm heavy anti-tank gun and gun pack.

The set contains one gun + four artillery + shell casings.

Original Chinese text on Weibo follows:

德意志重剑-Pak43 88mm重型反坦克炮

战争公园 2023-02-07 14:32

德国Pak43是一门88mm重型反坦克炮,由克虏伯公司以莱茵金属的88mm Flak41为蓝本而开发,并在第二次世界大战期间使用。Pak43是德国国防军服役数量最多、威力最强大的反坦克炮,也作为虎王坦克、象式坦克歼击车、猎豹坦克歼击车和犀牛自行反坦克炮的主炮服役。


上图左侧为虎式88mm炮弹,右侧为Pak43 88mm炮弹,可以看到上方黑色弹头直径均为88mm,而下方弹药筒则相差巨大。因此Pak43可以让88mm的炮弹以更高的速度发射,在发射10.4公斤重的穿甲弹时,炮口初速1000米/秒,可以在100M的距离击穿30°的202mm厚装甲板,而在2000米的距离上,仍然拥有132mm的穿深,也就是说它可以在2000米外就击毁T34。



本月战争公园推出了冬季Pak43 88mm重型反坦克炮及炮组。


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