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What did (WW2) Germans play for card games during recreation?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

War Park 2021-11-06 13:42

Adapted from War Park Weibo News Release

Germany has a long tradition of card games, and it is recorded that poker first entered the German-speaking region in the late 1370s. The earliest traditional German poker cards appeared perhaps around 1450, adopted the standard four suits of acorns, leaves, hearts and bells, and influenced the design of modern poker. Then, under the influence of Spanish and French poker, a World War II-era German-style poker card, "Skat" appeared.

Skat is a card game played by a trio. Skat has 32 cards, consisting of four suits in plum, spades, hearts and diamonds, but each suit only has 7, 8, 9, 10 four-digit cards and B, D, K, A four-letter cards. A declarer takes twelve cards, two defensive players take ten cards each, and the defensive play cooperates with each other against the declarer, even though they do not know the other side's cards. Skat is recognized as an intangible cultural heritage in Germany. In December 2016, the German UNESCO Committee added Skate to the Federal Register of Intellectual Heritage.

In order to supplement the recreational and entertainment life of the generals and soldiers, the Third Reich propaganda actually printed information on weapons knowledge and various cultural propaganda, historical events and so on, on to the playing cards and distributed them to the troops. These is similar to today’s modern enterprises and companies who sometimes print safety procedures and corporate culture on to game cards for their employees.

Incidentally, during the second part of the PC game “Medal of Honor - Joint Attack”, players donning German uniforms sneaked into the German submarine base. In a room, 3 players can be seen playing poker. Although the three played a German card game, the cards appear to have 2, 3, Q and other numbers. Thus, perhaps, this can only be interpreted as card decks being seized from the U. S. military prisoners?

As the war protracted, it became more and more brutal, and hence, proper recreation was vital to the physical and mental health of soldiers. During break, a game of cards with comrades perhaps can also bring a moment of joy and relaxation. Hope this month’s release of War Park German figures playing cards can bring our collectors the same joy and relaxation!

In Nov 2021, War Park releases seven German armoured personnel in casual pursuits and supplies boxes.


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